Wall Stone

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Thin wall stones range from 3/4″ to 1 3/4″ in thickness. Average coverage is approximately 110-120 sq. ft per ton when applied to a flat surface and 20-25 sq ft per ton when used in a dry stack

Carolina Rose

Color: Ranges of gray, rose and rust tones. *
Sold by: Pound or Ton

stone-chocGrayThin Wall Stone – Chocolate Gray

Color: Light and dark gray material with chocolate overtones.
Sold by: Pound or Ton

stone-emeraldGrayThin Wall Stone – Emerald Gray

Color: An elegant, emerald tinted gray-green stone with some mica flecks. Surface has a smooth, glossy finish. A very popular stone.
Sold by: Pound or Ton

stone-midnight-blueMidnight Blue Wall Stone

Color: Color ranges from “dark blue gray ” to “almost pitch-black” with occasional tones of rust. A very dense stone which lends itself to many applications.
Sold by: Pound or Ton


Color: Brown and grey with light to deep rust overtones on the face and edge.
Sold by: Pound or Ton

stone-mountain-cabinMountain Cabin Wall Stone

Color: A bi-color gray to brown stone that lends itself to many applications. Beautiful when laid as a veneer or stacked flat.
Sold by: Pound or Ton

stone-pinolaPinola Wall Stone

Color: Whitish cream, light gray, rust, some green and peach.
Sold by: Pound or Ton

imgComingSoonSea Mist Green Wall Stone

Color: A pale green to dark green stone with streaks of brown and gray with an occasional purplish streak. A very unusual stone due to the variance in color.
Sold by: Pound or Ton

stone-TNfieldstoneTennessee Fieldstone

Color: A weathered grayish brown with moss and lichens embedded in some of the stone. Antique and rustic appearance, this stone has numerous corners and is easily installed.
Sold by: Pound or Ton

3-rivers-flagstoneThree Rivers ledge or dry stack

Color: Formed in the Sawtooth Mountains in Idaho, Three Rivers stone has swirl pattern and tiger stripes of golds, tans, beiges, white & plums.
Sold by: Pound or Ton

stone-VaFieldstoneVirginia Fieldstone

Color: A weathered brown to cranberry colored stone. This stone is rugged in appearance and has numerous corners for easy working.
Sold by: Pound or Ton

* This stone contains high concentrations of iron.
A sealant is recommended to prevent “bleeding”.