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Gazania Flowers

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The gazania flower, named after the 15th-century Greek-Italian scholar Theodorus of Gaza, is a low-maintenance South African annual that will brighten up your hard-to-landscape spaces. The look-at-me color spectrum available in gazanias may not blend into a Victorian cottage garden, but butterflies will flock to these prolific summer bloomers.

Gazania flowers are a member of the daisy family Asteraceae, genus Gazania. Also known as the treasure flower or the African daisy, the gazania is a half-hardy annual that will bounce back from a light frost. In USDA growing zones 9 to 11, gazanias may perform as perennials.

Flower Color: Red, orange, yellow, white, pink, variegated

Botanical Name: Garzania Common Name: Treasure flower, African daisy Plant Type: Annual Mature Size: 6 to 10 inches tall and 10 inches wide Sun Exposure: Full sun Soil Type: Sandy, dry, well-draining Soil pH: Neutral (near 7.0 pH) but will tolerate acidic and alkaline soil Bloom Time: Late spring and early summer

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