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Verbena Flowers

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The verbena plant produces fragrant, good looking flowers that sit atop fern-like foliage with an old-fashioned look and drought tolerant.

Verbena plants consist of around 250 semi-woody species with dense patches of flowers sitting on top. The simple verbena leaf sometimes appears densely hairy. Flowers situated at the top of the stem in very dense spikes each with five petals.

Verbena Care:

Fertilize plants with a balanced fertilizer once in the spring of the year after planting and establishing outside.

If you live in an area where verbena grows as a perennial cut the plant back in the fall. If the grow as an annual in your location, remove the plants once they finished flower in the fall.

If planted in the proper growing conditions you can expect blooms in the first season. Deadhead faded flowers or blooms to ensure that blooming continues all through the gardening season. Some people do not regularly deadhead faded blooms. But, deadheading is necessary if you plant verbena for summer blooms.

If the blooms slow, trim the whole plant by a quarter for a new show of flowers in 2 to 3 weeks. Following the trim, fertilize lightly and water well. Repeat this process as necessary when learning how to grow your verbena successfully.

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