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Calibrachoa Superbells - 1 Gallon

Calibrachoa Superbells - 1 Gallon

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Calibrachoa Superbells - 1 Gallon

Calibrachoa thrives best when grown in containers, but be sure to avoid over-watering which can cause root rot. Allow the soil on top to dry before watering again. If your plant is wilting but the soil is still damp, it may be a sign of root rot. For in-ground planting, use well-drained soil or consider raised beds.

These hardy plants require little water, except in extremely dry conditions. To achieve optimal growth, it is important to fertilize regularly. Keep in mind that Calibrachoa is sensitive to both high and low pH levels. Use a well-balanced and water-soluble fertilizer with an n-p-k ratio near 24-12-17.

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