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Canna Lily Cannova Orange Shades 10"

Canna Lily Cannova Orange Shades 10"

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Canna Lily Cannova Orange Shades 10"

Transform your garden into a vibrant paradise with Canna Lily Cannova Orange Shades 10"! This plant boasts stunning, banana-like leaves and exotic flowers that will capture your senses.

Perfect for both landscapes and container plantings, it thrives in full sun and can be used in mixed combinations or in-ground. To keep it thriving, water it deeply once a week and fertilize twice a month with a high nitrogen, foliar fertilizer.

Adding organic matter to the soil, like composted manure, will also provide great benefits. And with minimal maintenance needed and little susceptibility to insects, this is the perfect choice for a stunning and hassle-free garden display.


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