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Gazania Flower- 1 Gallon

Gazania Flower- 1 Gallon

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Gazania Flowers - 1 Gallon

Gazania Kiss Rose is a must-have for any passionate gardener. This herbaceous, short-lived perennial from South Africa boasts mounds of dark-green foliage and large, rose-pink daisy-like flowers with bright yellow centers. Its fast-growing and easy-to-germinate seeds make it a treasure to have in any garden, whether as a garden annual or as a tender perennial in warmer climates. With its long-lasting blooms, Gazania attracts butterflies and bees, adding even more beauty to your outdoor space.

Whether used as a ground cover, in borders, or in containers, this compact plant will thrive in full sun and sandy, well-draining soil. For best results as an annual, start your Gazania Rigens seeds indoors 6-8 weeks before last frost and transplant outdoors after last frost. This reliable and adaptable plant can withstand drought and heat, making it perfect for sunny, dry spots in your garden. Don't miss the chance to add this stunning flower to your collection!


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