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Iris Regina Giant Apostle - 3 Gallon

Iris Regina Giant Apostle - 3 Gallon

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Iris Regina Giant Apostle - 3 Gallon

Experience the beauty of Brazil with the Giant Apostles' Iris! With its stunning 3-4 inch purple-blue flowers and striking jade foliage, this wide-leafed iris will surely inspire awe. Its clumping and upright habit sets it apart from the common walking iris, and its purple blooms are accented with white, mauve, and yellow for a truly refreshing color palette.

This repeat bloomer produces flushes of flowers from February to August, making it a long-lasting addition to any garden. Plus, the Giant Apostles' Iris is low maintenance and salt and drought tolerant, thriving in both full sun and partial shade. For a show-stopping display of color, pair 'Regina' with other vibrant plants and blooms in shades of purple, yellow, white, or ruby.


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