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Penta Lucky Star - 1 Gallon

Penta Lucky Star - 1 Gallon

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Penta Lucky Star - Lipstick - 1 Gallon

Pentas, also known as the Egyptian starcluster, are an absolute must-have for any landscape. These vibrant and colorful plants attract both pollinators and people alike, making them a wonderful addition to any garden.

With their high bloom density, large bloom openings, and ability to thrive in Louisiana's extreme climate, pentas will keep butterflies and pollinators coming back for more all season long. These plants perform well in both full sun and part sun, and are highly tolerant of droughts.

Whether planted as a border or in containers, they will add a beautiful touch to any outdoor space. To ensure even growth, incorporate a slow-release fertilizer into the soil during planting time and supplement with liquid feed as needed.

Lucky Star pentas, grown from seeds, are readily available at local nurseries and garden centers in the spring. For optimal performance and to prevent weeds and conserve moisture, mulch 1 inch around bedding plants.

See for yourself why pentas are a gardener's best

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