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Society Garlic - 1 Gallon

Society Garlic - 1 Gallon

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Society Garlic - 1 Gallon

Society garlic is a versatile groundcover with delicate, star-shaped purple flowers that add a touch of beauty to any garden. Standing at about a foot tall, these perennial plants are perfect for borders or mass plantings.

They thrive in sunny, water-wise gardens and prefer sandy soil. While partial shade is possible, full sun is ideal for optimal flowering. During the growing season, regular watering is recommended, while reduced watering during the winter dormant period will still allow for survival.

Society garlic is also resilient, able to withstand extended droughts and reasonably tolerant of moderate frosts and light freezes. Propagation is easily done by dividing dormant plants, and their slow spread by rhizomes means they won't become invasive. Even when grown in containers, bright sunlight is a must for optimal results.


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