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Supertunia Vista - 1 Gallon

Supertunia Vista - 1 Gallon

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Supertunia Vista - 1 Gallon

Supertunia's vibrant and vigorous personality is showcased in its vast array of colors that elevate any garden. This specially bred mounded grower blooms early and reaches impressive heights of up to 24 inches, trailing up to 3 feet by the end of the season.

It is perfect for large containers and makes a striking focal point in garden beds. Regular watering and a water-soluble fertilizer ensure its success. With medium-sized flowers that enchant the senses, this petunia ignites a passion for gardening. It is a fantastic choice for both landscapes and large containers, where it can fill and spill with its beauty.

Attracting butterflies and hummingbirds, this disease-resistant and self-cleaning plant is a must-have for any garden.


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