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Asiatic Jasmine

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Asiatic jasmine is an evergreen, vine-like woody plant that is commonly used in Florida landscapes due to its hardiness and drought tolerance. Native to Japan and Korea, Trachelospermum asiaticum is a low maintenance groundcover that is great for mass plantings and turfgrass alternatives. It’s an ideal plant for people who want an attractive garden without all the hard work. In shady areas, it also provides needed texture and variation.

Plant Care Asiatic jasmine requires little upkeep and will keep its beauty throughout the year. These plants are usually purchased as transplants and should be started on clear, weed-free soil.

Plants should be placed one and a half feet apart and will take two growing seasons to fill in completely. This plant will tolerate many soils, but prefers well-draining, moist soil when first planted. Once established it is drought tolerant and extremely hardy.

The plant needs little watering; with regular rainfall, extra irrigation is rarely needed. A slow-feeding fertilizer should only be applied three to four times a year for the first year, after that fertilizer should only be applied once a year in the spring when the plant is actively growing.

Asiatic jasmine should be mowed and pruned once a year in the spring to keep an attractive appearance and reduce the risk for diseases; it will also keep it controlled.

Asiatic jasmine can be grown in all areas of Florida, as it can handle cold temperatures as well as very hot ones. This plant will grow well in both dense shade and full sun, and has very few pest, disease and weed problems.

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