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Indian Hawthorn

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Description Indian hawthorn (Rhaphiolepsis indica) is a small, slow-growing shrub perfect for sunny locations. It’s easy to care for because it keeps a neat, rounded shape naturally, without the need for pruning. The shrub looks great year round and becomes a focal point in spring when large, loose clusters of fragrant, pink or white flowers bloom. The flowers are followed by small blue berries that attract wildlife.

Plant Care Water newly planted Indian hawthorn shrubs regularly to keep the soil moist until they are well-established and begin putting on new foliage. Once established, Indian hawthorn tolerates moderate drought. Fertilize the shrub for the first time in spring of the year after planting, and every spring and fall thereafter. Feed the shrub lightly with a general purpose fertilizer. Indian hawthorn almost never needs pruning. You may need to prune lightly to remove dead and damaged branches, and you can do this type of pruning any time of year. If the shrub needs additional pruning, do so immediately after the flowers fade.

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