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Jack Frost Ligustrum

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Description Ligustrum ‘Jack Frost’ is famously characterized for its two-tone foliage. Its waxy leaves are dark green with irregular ivory markings that run along its edges, which provide excellent contrast to any landscape. In late spring and early summer, it puts out clusters of small, white flowers very similar to those of its ancestor, the Japanese Privet. Following the spring bloom, berries persist through the summer and attract birds. It is disease resistant and grows well in a wide variety of soil types and climates.

With a full and upright form, Ligustrum ‘Jack Frost’ makes an ideal mid-size hedge but is extremely versatile and can also be planted by itself as an accent and foundation planting. Mature specimen tend to take on a more golden yellow color as the leaves mature. It adds bulk to the landscape when desired while adding great color to the landscape.

Plant Care To keep this woody evergreen happy, make sure it’s exposed to full sun or partial shade. Keep it in well-drained soil and water regularly; more during times of extreme heat or drought. Pruning is recommended 2-3 times per year to maintain desired shape.


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